SDD Mentors Business Intelligence Students in Tackling Issues in Higher Education

This November marks another chapter in SmartDataDecision’s (SDD) history of helping both students and higher education audiences.  Bob Scott, Business Intelligence Practice Lead at SDD and past President of Bilander Group, will participate in Temple University’s Information Systems and Technology (IST) curriculum.

Bob, along with adjunct professor, Dave Kelble, is on a panel of business intelligence experts in the program’s BI/Big Data course aimed at guiding students whose long term goals include system administrators, data analysts, database administrators, and possibly one day CTOs.

The panel is exploring real-world examples which challenge the students to interpret, and create analysis from, data sets representative of business applications they’re likely to find in the workforce.

Bob’s guidance is aligned with one of SDD’s key markets for business intelligence, higher education.  He is working with the students, engaging them on the challenge of using full life-cycle data of students and courses, activities, interaction with admissions, alumni information, and more to more effectively promote the college’s ability to influence successful student outcomes.

SDD offers business intelligence workshops and consulting tailored for the unique challenges present in institutional research departments in higher education.  The company also plans to continue its higher education outreach at the upcoming Northeast Association of Institutional Researchers (NEAIR) conference in Philadelphia, where Bob Scott will present to an audience of over 400 IR professionals the latest trends in technology and process maturity for the application of business intelligence to address leading issues like enrollment and retention—a hot topic of late for institutions facing falling student numbers.

Bob also serves on the Business Intelligence Advisory Committee for Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s University, supporting a program that combines elements of operations research from the computer science department and business elements from the MBA program—involving both undergrad and graduate programs.  Bob has guest lectured at St. Josephs and maintains an active connection to the university.

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