Campus Intelligence Audit

How well is your Campus Intelligence approach working for you?

Discover which changes are needed to your unique processes and technologies to enable you to effectively pool data, predict trends and prevent problems

A High Level BI Process Audit

We’ve been helping people establish good working relationships with their data, and their colleagues, for years. We’ve realized that technology doesn’t solve problems alone. People do. But they must be empowered with the right technology and processes.

By completing our index, participating teams get an objective assessment of BI process maturity at several points throughout their institution. This serves as a catalyst to drive conversations across departments and, hopefully, compel initiatives toward consolidating efforts to monitor data and respond as a group.

By supporting this program, we get to stay in touch with the latest trends in how organizations are dealing with top industry issues—which helps us be more effective at doing our job—helping companies get the most out of their data. It’s a win-win opportunity.

See What’s Working and What’s Not

  • Understand strengths and weaknesses of your processes and technologies
  • See potential benefits of missing elements
  • Learn how well your data sources are working – which need to be cleaned, which additions are needed quickly
  • Learn whether you have too many, or too few, KPIs and trend analyses
  • See gaps in your student engagement profile at every step
  • See ways to collaborate in decision-making
  • Understand and communicate data and process ownership
  • Evaluate your data and process maintenance plans, learning best practices for each
  • Understand your readiness to detect cross-departmental trends
  • Learn how well you can effectively predict or forecast troublesome trends
  • Evaluate your ability to respond to early warning signs and prevent potential problems from becoming statistics

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Shown here is our STEP index for higher education. However, we conduct audits for all industries.

Start with our complimentary index.

It’s a Data Intelligence auditing process that takes about one hour of your time on a phone call with our team, guiding you through questions about how well your data is working for you at various points throughout your organization.

For participating, you’ll receive a detailed report showing strengths and weaknesses at each point, along with best practice suggestions on improvement and what it would mean for you to improve in each area.

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