Our Approach

Our Approach

Smart Data Decisions is an organizational consulting company that exists to help Higher Education improve the role, importance and value of data and technologies to drive campus decisions.

  • Vision – aligning data content vision to strategic plan
  • Team Building – forming and improving representative and collaborative teams
  • Discovery / Assessment – what’s truly working well and what needs attention
  • Actionable Plan – create a roadmap and execute initial steps and train/hand off
  • Ongoing Asset Management – governance, monitoring outcomes, continued improvements

College Control Center

Here’s a perfect example of what we do. Click on our College Control Center to learn more. Driving a coordinated decision-making strategy across your entire campus is critical. Let’s expand the discussion, address concerns, answer questions–and get started!

Our Expertise Spans Several Areas

  • Process Auditing
  • Data Management Strategies
  • Architecture Analysis & Design
  • Strengthen Existing Workflow
  • Add Missing Technologies
  • Build Adoption & Utilization

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