Our Approach

Smart Data Decisions is an organizational consulting company that exists to help Higher Education improve the role, importance and value of data and technologies to drive campus decisions.

  • Vision – aligning data content vision to strategic plan
  • Team Building – forming and improving representative and collaborative teams
  • Discovery / Assessment – what’s truly working well and what needs attention
  • Actionable Plan – create a roadmap and execute initial steps and train/hand off
  • Ongoing Asset Management – governance, monitoring outcomes, continued improvements

College Control Center

Here’s a perfect example of what we do. Click on our College Control Center to learn more. Driving a coordinated decision-making strategy across your entire campus is critical. Let’s expand the discussion, address concerns, answer questions–and get started!

Our Expertise Spans Several Areas

  • Process Auditing
  • Data Management Strategies
  • Architecture Analysis & Design
  • Strengthen Existing Workflow
  • Add Missing Technologies
  • Build Adoption & Utilization

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