We help Higher Education improve the role, importance and value
of data and technologies to drive campus decisions

Too often data is segmented, not well defined, and siloed and therefore not well used.

Unlike most vendors who focus on technology first, we are focused on people first. We construct cross-departmental teams that represent interests from across campus and guide those teams through a collaborative exercise that achieves uniformity, reliability and increased utilization of organizational data.

By jointly creating a shared vision and shared responsibility for success our customers start seeing benefits within the first 90 days.

  • Improved data definitions, trust and integration across platforms
  • Enhanced monitoring, dashboard and KPI strategies
  • Improved Adoption & Collaboration in analyzing and responding to data trends
  • Reduced overall spend and complexity of technology
  • Decisions taken that reflect insights and show progress

Better Campus Intelligence

Stop struggling with complex BI technology and start working the smart way with your data to drive informed decisions.

Make Better Use of Your Current Technologies

Are your dashboards delivering what you need?
You don’t always need new technology, just maybe a new approach. Do you have the right data? Are your spreadsheets easy to maintain? Are your dashboards showing the right analyses? Can you easily share role-based analysis with the right people?

Add Missing Technologies If Needed

Need critical features like data mining, watchdogs or alerts?
The right technology can save time and money while eliminating complex, tedious and repetitive tasks. We’re talking more than just dashboards: enhanced capabilities like automation, data mining, alerting, publication, web analytics.

Fix Ineffective Decision-Making Processes

Dashboards don't make decisions, people do.
The best dashboards are only as good as the people using them. You must have a strong process to drive consensus analysis and respond to trends shown in the data. Warning team members of approaching issues is of no value if no preventative action is taken.

Build Trust & Utilization

Your BI user base will grow as their confidence in the results grows.
Trusted data is used data. If any inconsistencies, errors or ambiguity exist in your analysis, KPIs, dashboards—your audience will lose faith in the results. Without this buy-in, dashboards are worth nothing.

Our Expertise Spans Several Areas

  • Process Auditing
  • Data Management Strategies
  • Architecture Analysis & Design
  • Strengthen Existing Workflow
  • Add Missing Technologies
  • Build Adoption & Utilization

Happy Customers


Lincoln University Targets Turning Data into Decisions with SDD's BI Pool Workshop

Lincoln University in PA is using SDD’s Business Intelligence Pool Workshop to guide them toward a central data analysis and reporting repository that is both trusted and shared across campus. The workshop will also target improving Lincoln’s use of all enrollment, recruiting and assessment data from existing systems...

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