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We help you get more out of business intelligence by making better use of your current technologies, adding missing pieces if needed, improving workflow and decision-making, and building trust and utilization.

To be truly effective, business intelligence needs the right mix of people, process and technology. Only when each of these elements are working collaboratively can an organization take full advantage of what best-practice BI has to offer. To make sure your mix is correct, we’ll help you gradually and continually strengthen what’s working in your approach, fix what’s broken and replace or install what’s missing. With the right approach in place, you should be able to navigate three levels of business intelligence interaction we call Pool, Predict and Prevent.

Whether digitally or logically, consolidating and combining your disparate data sources together into a single set of numbers lets you see big picture trends across your entire organization.
The right dashboards, KPIs and analytics help you identify opportunities and potential problem areas by monitoring the pulse of your organization.
Using the best combination of people, process, and technology, you can expertly address approaching issues early and prevent problems from impacting you and your team.

Make Better Use of Your Current Technologies

Are your dashboards delivering what you need?
You don’t always need new technology, just maybe a new approach. Do you have the right data? Are your spreadsheets easy to maintain? Are your dashboards showing the right analyses? Can you easily share role-based analysis with the right people?

Add Missing Technologies If Needed

Need critical features like data mining, watchdogs or alerts?
The right technology can save time and money while eliminating complex, tedious and repetitive tasks. We’re talking more than just dashboards: enhanced capabilities like automation, data mining, alerting, publication, web analytics.

Fix Ineffective Decision-Making Processes

Dashboards don't make decisions, people do.
The best dashboards are only as good as the people using them. You must have a strong process to drive consensus analysis and respond to trends shown in the data. Warning team members of approaching issues is of no value if no preventative action is taken.

Build Trust & Utilization

Your BI user base will grow as their confidence in the results grows.
Trusted data is used data. If any inconsistencies, errors or ambiguity exist in your analysis, KPIs, dashboards—your audience will lose faith in the results. Without this buy-in, dashboards are worth nothing.

Implement Gradual Changes Driving to Best Practice Business Intelligence

To effect change and continue efforts to improve your business intelligence approach, we conduct workshops with your team to gradually make step-by-step enhancements, corrections and addition where needed. The workshops target the three main layers we’ve indicated—pool, predict and prevent—and walk you through careful changes ensuring that each of these layers is working to full effect for your organization.

Each workshop consists of multiple stages of briefings/updates followed by small assignments which span all best practice areas over time. Each stage’s assignment is designed to be as minimally intrusive as possible so as not to disrupt your normal operations. In some cases, customized workshops are created to give attention to unique challenges and goals.

Over the years, we have helped numerous organizations take advantage of the best of BI. Let us help you and your team do the same.

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